Timothy F. Hooper- President

RED6 Tactical was founded by Tim Hooper. Mr. Hooper has a strong Dignitary Protection, US military, and Police background.

Mr. Hooper has successfully protected many high profile persons in the US and overseas managing some of the largest protection details in the U.S. as well as numerous other high risk details for diplomats, dignitaries, and at risk persons. With all of Tim's experience he is one the most respected protection professionals in the U.S.

Mr. Hooper has an impressive training background to include being an Executive Security International (ESI) graduate, Executive Protection Institute (EPI) graduate, Defense Training International and others as well as being a NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. Additionally Tim is a trained Homeland Security Special Response Tactical Officer, Certified Homeland Security Specialist- Preparation and Response Team member and also has a very strong background in Executive Protection, defensive tactics, risk assessments, and defensive weapons tactics.

Mr. Hooper has 14 years combined military experience in the USMC and the US ARMY with specialized military training in Infantry, WMD and Military Intelligence. He has been deployed several times domestically and overseas to include Humanitarian Missions, Operation Enduring Freedom and in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Additionally Mr. Hooper has a decorated Police background from being a certified Police Officer in Georgia and Virginia (and still an active Police Officer in VA).Tim was also recognized for being a Top competitive Shooter in GA and VA,.and was a member of the GA Tri-County Task Force involved with counter-narcotics investigations and executing high risk search warrants as well as a member of the Narcotics Eradication Unit. Tim has an urban and rural Police background which helped develop his communication and people skills. Additionally Tim also completed Law Enforcement courses in Dignitary Protection (for the county Special Protection Unit), Basic SWAT, Crisis Management, Surveillance and many others.

Mr. Hooper has performed numerous high profile Protective Service Detail operations with execution and precision. Mr. Hooper has consolidated and focused his background to become President of RED6 Tactical.

Lt. Robert New - Senior Advisor

Robert New brings RED6 Tactical nearly two decades of US Military and Law Enforcement experience. Mr. New has a strong Para-military operations background.

Mr. New spent nine years in the United States Air Force (USAF) with assignments including the War Readiness Operations at Headquarters Air Combat Command in Langley, Virginia. Mr. New was deployed to Gulf War in 1991, where he earned the Meritorious Service Medal and the Nation Defense Service Medal.

Mr. New holds several certifications in computer operations and a degree from the College of the Air Force through Saint Leo University.

Mr. New joined the Campbell County Sheriffs Office in 1996, with assignments including Field Operations, Vice/Narcotics, and General Investigations. Mr. New is assigned to the Campbell County Sheriff's Office Special Response Unit (S.R.T.) as the units Operations Officer. Mr. New is the Supervisor of the Computer Crimes Task Force investigating identity theft, online frauds, cyber terrorism, child exploitation and other computer related threats.

  • General Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Use of Force
  • Chemical Munitions/Specialty Impact Weapons
  • Tactical Operations and Planning
  • Hostage Barricade Response
  • Computer Forensics

Patrick Cumba, Senior Advisor

Patrick has eighteen years of Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigative, US Government Contracting, and US Government Protective operations experience. Patrick has an extensive background with Intelligence Collection, Counter Intelligence, and development of concise actionable intelligence. His skills include threat assessments, technical security, physical security, and personnel security. Patrick has experience with root cause and retention of sensitive data.

Patrick has decades of covert Police Operations and Counter Terrorism experience. Patrick has been certified in multiple State and Federal Courts as an Expert with international electronic conspiracy and continuing criminal enterprise investigations.

Presently Patrick supports Strategic and operational Supervisory services as well as support services related to various critical infrastructure force protection and National Security Programs.

Patrick frequently coordinates Subject matter expertise and cleared staffing related to the identification and development of advanced technologies that have National Security applications and integrating these technologies into Mission critical physical security programs.

Patrick maintains an advanced understanding of the national security technology marketplace and is committed to delivering innovative services and technologies that exceed customer's expectations.

Currently Patrick is an Executive Supervisor for multiple Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, and Corporate Physical and Technical Security Programs. Patrick often aids with Police Tactics Training and coordination of specialized Government training. Patrick is designated as a Security Expert, and is often tasked as a Force Protection Technology Consultant, and International Operations Security Manager.

John S Farnam - Senior Advisor

John Farnam is one of the top defensive firearms instructors in the nation. He has personally trained thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement agency personnel, many private security agencies, foreign governments, and hundred of civilians in safe gun handling and the tactical use of the defensive firearms. He has authored dozens of magazine articles, three books, written several handgun manuals, produced numerous training videos, and has written a model Use of Force Policy. His books, The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning, Second Edition, The Farnam Method of Defensive Rifle and Shotgun Shooting, and Guns and Warriors, Volume One have become the standard texts on the subjects.

Since 1977, the Farnams have trained US Marines, hundreds of domestic and foreign police departments, including South Africa's Scorpion unit, and many others. International experience is extensive. No other provider combines the depth of knowledge and experience, both military and law enforcement, that the Farnams bring to the task. John and Vicki Farnam use the exclusive "Rotator" steel targets to instill important shooting and gun-handling skills.

Scott Shelero

Scott brings RED6 Fifteen years of Tactical Protective Operations skills and HUMINT experience and has an extensive background with Police Operations, Human Intelligence Collection, Counterintelligence, and high risk overseas US Government Protective Services. He has acquired training and experience with protective services, criminal investigations, under-cover Counter-Narcotics experience, and extensive high-risk operations experience.

Scott gained urban tactics experience and training as a former decorated Member of a large Metropolitan Police Department and as a former SWAT Officer and has extensive tactical experience as a an overseas Operatorin hostile environments including Iraq and Afganistan. Scott is well versed with a multitude of US Government Theater of Operations including working as a training Instructor for teaching threat assessments, classified surveillance/counter-surveillance, high risk driving, knife fighting, CQB, M-4 tactics, and many other classified tactics.

Scott is a highly respected Member of the Intelligence Community and is anactive Consultant on many classified projects. Scott also has Executive Protection experience with the US Department of Defense, US State Department, Secret Service, DHS, Dignitaries, and high profile Diplomats. Scott is frequently relied upon for tactical analysis, International Protective Operations, and knowledge management.

Paul Reyes

Paul Reyes is a Retired Disabled American Veteran. He served as a Special Forces Operator (7th and 10th Special Forces Groups) and as an Instructor at the Special Warfare Center. He maintained a Top Secret Security clearance, and received numerous awards for excellence.

Mr.Reyes contributed in writing the U.S. Army's Close Quarters Combat manual. He has served throughout Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has both operated and trained with Special Operations Units in those regions of the world. In addition he has served as a consultant for the U.S. State Department, Department of Home Land Security and the Law Enforcement Community. Mr. Reyes founded Eagle Defense Inc. (EDI) in 2002 after retiring from the U.S. Army.

Personal qualifications

  • Special Forces Qualification Course
  • Special Forces Operations and Intelligence course
  • SpecialWarfare Center Ft. Bragg, N.C. Instructor, Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course SFARTAETC (advanced hostage rescue training).
  • Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (Special Forces sniper course)
  • U.S. Army Ranger
  • U.S. Army Long Range Surveillance (LRSU) Course
  • Static line Jump Master
  • Military Free Fall (HALO)
  • National Rifle Association (NRA) Firearms Instructor
  • U.S. Law Enforcement SWAT Instructor (advanced hostage rescue, tactics and firearms)
  • U.S. State Department ,Anti- Terrorism Assistance Program, Instructor (hostage rescue tactics and firearms)
  • Departmentof Homeland Security, Air Marshall Tactics, Instructor (tactics andfirearms), Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Tactical Operations,Instructor, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Advanced TacticalOperations, Instructor, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) TacticalCommanders Course, Instructor.

RED6 Instructors