It has been said that by reducing necessities, we can afford luxuries; such is not the case in shooting. For only by learning the necessities --the fundamentals-- can you afford the luxury of excellence. Almost anyone can "fire" a rifle and almost everyone who is capable of pointing their finger at an object can learn to shoot. However it takes determination, reliable equipment and most importantly instruction from a qualified teacher to become a competent rifle shooter.

The emphasis of this course is on defensive rifle handling and shooting skills. Most of this class is on short to medium ranges, rapid target-acquisition, improvised shooting positions, "snap shooting" and more deliberate fire. Defensive situations are always emergencies, so we must also put considerable emphasis on speed. The rifle must be mounted quickly, fired quickly (but accurately!) and the shooter must always automatically prepare to fire again quickly. We will not ignore shooting in excess of one hundred meters completely, but we will concentrate on the shorter ranges. There will be single and multiple targets and students will have an opportunity to practice rational decision making.

Military autoloaders are strongly recommended as most of the class is spent firing at multiple targets. We will not accept bolt guns, leaver guns, rim fire rifles, or slug-shooting shotguns. Slings are mandatory, as we will be running a hot range. High-magnification, high profile, close eye-relief scopes are not recommended. We do recommend military peep, iron sights or low-power, forward mounted scopes. The best rifle is a military autoloader. Also plan to bring knee pads and binoculars. Students are advised that their rifles will see some strenuous, rugged use and may get scratched up a bit. Pretty guns are best left at home.

  • 400 rounds of carbine ball ammunition

Gear List:
  • Rifle/carbine with sling system and three 30-round magazines, flashlight, weapon mounted light (preferred) for carbine, magazine pouches for the carbine magazines, eye protection (including clear lenses) and ear protection, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system

Course Cost:
  • $525.00

  • None

* Upon successful completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion
RED6 Defensive Urban Rifle Course (2 Day)