An increasing number of people are seeking to improve their defensive shooting skills and expand their knowledge about the use of firearms for personal protection. Many states now issue concealed weapon permits to law abiding citizens. RED6 classes offer permit holders, and those who are considering applying for a permit, an opportunity to learn how to properly and safely carry a concealed handgun and to understand the laws regarding the use of lethal force for personal protection.

The Defensive Handgun Course is designed to prepare the responsible gun owner to handle, maintain, store, and use their firearm safely, correctly, and effectively, so that they will be able to successfully handle nearly any personal protection situation.

Classroom instruction includes:

  • Safe gun handling, carrying concealed and equipment selections
  • Situation awareness
  • Threat evaluation
  • The force continuum
  • Psychological aspects of lethal encounters

Live-fire Exercises on the range include:

  • Range safety
  • Stance, draw, grip, trigger press and follow through
  • Reloading and reduction of stoppages
  • Risk identification, evaluation and reduction
  • Lethal threat containment and management
  • Precision shooting and discretionary shooting
  • Low-light shooting (with and without a flashlight)
  • Cover and movement
  • Performing under stress

Tactical training is conducted in a realistic manner, stressing correct use of cover, movement, challenges, and other important individual tactics. In addition, students will practice close encounters and weapon control. This two-day course is usually offered on a weekend with a low-light shooting session at the end of the first day.

Course Cost:
  • $400.00

Gear List:
  • 500 rounds of ammunition Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, ear protector, eye protector, rain gear, cleaning kit, cloths appropriate for climate, water bottle or hydration system.

  • None

* Upon successful completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion.
RED6 Defensive Handgun Course (2Day)