The Advanced Handgun course is intended for graduates of the Basic Handgun course. Because the basics are only covered by a review, beginning students may find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being expected to know things that they do not. To avoid this situation, which is unpleasant for everyone, students which have graduated from other Basic Handgun programs are encouraged to contact RED6 directly to determine if all the prerequisites for this course have been covered. Beginning students are strongly encouraged to attend a Basic Handgun class before attending the advanced class.

Subjects covered in the Advanced Handgun class include:

  • Review of SAFE gun handling and range safety
  • Review of legal and moral aspects of defensive shooting
  • Review of handgun ammunition types and capabilities
  • Basic/review range exercises, administration and tactical
         o Interview stance
         o Draw
         o Grip
         o Weaver stance
         o Trigger manipulation
         o First shot, Multiple shots
         o Reloading
         o Stoppage reduction
         o Covering suspects at gunpoint
         o Verbal challenge, low and high intensity
         o Reholstering
  • Carrying concealed handguns, options, techniques, of employment
  • Close range shooting, shove-shoot, unsighted fire, recommended impact points, shooting from the ground
  • Cover and movement, roll-out technique, retreat techniques
  • Moving with a gun in hand, accident avoidance
  • Injured-limb drill/one-handed shooting, shooting, reloading, stoppage reduction, all using only one hand
  • Pivots, left, right, reverse
  • Back up guns, carry options
  • Advanced low-light drills, with flashlight, cover, and movement

This two-day course is usually offered on a weekend with a low-light shooting session at the end of the first day.

Course Cost:
  • $525.00.

Gear List:
  • 500 rounds of ammunition Handgun, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, ear protector, eye protection, rain gear, cleaning kit, cloths appropriate for climate, water bottle or hydration system.

*Upon successful completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion.
RED6 Advanced Defensive Handgun (2 Day)