This course is designed to build on the shooting foundation established in L. E. Defensive Handgun. The student will develop advanced skills in a variety of tactical shooting situations designed to challenge the student and provide increased confidence in using their handgun in a tactical situation. The following topics will be discussed during the course:

  • Review of SAFE gun handling and range safety
  • Review of legal and moral aspects of defensive shooting
  • Review of handgun ammunition types and capabilities
  • Basic/review range exercises, administration and tactical
         o Interview Stance
         o Draw
         o Grip
         o Stance
         o Trigger Manipulation
         o First Shot, Multiple Shots
         o Reloading and Stoppage Reduction
         o Covering Suspects at Gunpoint
         o Verbal Challenge, low and high intensity
  • Carrying concealed handguns, options, techniques, of employment
  • Close range shooting, shove-shoot, unsighted fire, recommended impact points, shooting from the ground
  • Cover and movement, roll-out technique, retreat techniques
  • Team exercises, working with a partner in a tactical situation, coordinating, team synergy
  • Moving with a gun in hand, accident avoidance
  • Injured-limb drill/one-handed shooting, shooting, reloading, stoppage reduction, all using only one hand
  • Pivots, left, right, reverse
  • Back up guns, carry options, employment
  • Advanced low-light drills, with flashlight, cover, and movement
  • Live Fire Shoot House Drills
  • Force on Force Drills

Ammunition Requirements:
  • 500 rounds of ammunition

Gear List:
  • Duty Gear including handgun, holster, three magazines (five if not high capacity), air soft handgun, magazine holders, flashlight, belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, water bottle, rain gear, and weapons cleaning kit

Course Cost:
  • $400.00

  • Law Enforcement Basic Pistol

* Upon successful completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion.
RED6 Law Enforcement Tactical Handgun (2 Day)