This course covers the use of the patrol rifle or carbine in everyday law-enforcement patrol operations. The course covers carry methods, associated equipment, deployment and use of the carbine from the vehicle. Students will learn aspects of patrol rifle use in the urban or rural setting, and how to employ various forms of cover while using the weapon. Other topics that are covered include:

  • Gear and carry methods
  • Ammunition and Ballistics
  • Use of the optical sight as well as iron sights
  • Basic manipulations of the carbine
  • Transition
  • Movement (forward and lateral)
  • Close contact shooting
  • Shooting from around vehicles
  • Shooting from barricades
  • Night shoot using the carbine at various distances
  • Engaging small critical threat targets under time
  • Stress drills

  • 500 rounds of carbine ball ammunition, 200 rounds of pistol ball ammunition

Gear List:
  • Duty rifle/carbine with sling system and three 30-round magazines, duty pistol with three magazines. Duty gear including soft body armor, flashlight, weapon mounted light (preferred) for carbine, magazine pouches for the carbine magazines, eye protection (including clear lenses) and ear protection , clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system

Course Cost:
  • $600.00

  • Law Enforcement, Military or Specialized Security

* Upon successful completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion.
RED6 Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle (3 Days)