Red6 Basic SWAT Course covers proven tactics, techniques and procedures for SWAT operations in an intensive 5 day course. Students will learn current mission essential tasks utilized by SWAT teams across the U.S.

Students have daily performance evaluations as well as written exams throughout the course. Students receive instruction and practical applications in the following tactical training:

  • SWAT operations theory and applications
  • High risk warrant service
  • Weapons skill refinement with handgun and M-4
  • Tactical shooting in CQB engagements
  • Team movement exercises and communication
  • Dynamic entry
  • Slow and Deliberate room clearance
  • Direct to Threat
  • Force on Force scenarios
  • Barricaded suspect/Hostage situation
  • Low Light operations
  • Role of the Sharpshooter in Tactical Operations
  • Casualty Recovery and Evacuation

Special notes:
  • The training is highly physical therefore those attending should be in good physical condition.  Students should bring with them all clothing and equipment they would have with them during a SWAT operation.

  • Full Tactical Gear and Body armor including duty belt, holster, pistol with 3 magazines, rifle with sling and 3 magazines, gas mask, flashlight, hydration system, wrap around eye protection, hearing protection, tactical clothing, knee pads, and hat with brim, (ACH or Kevlar helmet optional). 750 rounds handgun ammo, 750 rounds rifle ammo

Course Cost:
  • $1000.00
RED6 Law Enforcement Basic SWAT Course (5 Day)